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Tell us a little about yourselves and what made you come together as a team to form The Edit & Co.

My partner, Anita Chellaram, and I realised very early on that we share the same passion for social impact and self-development. The Edit & Co was born out of a desire to build a community of women with this shared ideology. We are a platform that connects thought leaders and influencers with all women globally, bridging barriers geographically, socially and culturally, the objective being instilling confidence through knowledge. The Edit & Co. is an expression of what we feel all women represent. Empowered modern women who shape their own futures.

Our premise is simple… #DoYou

Tell us about The Edit Trunk-show. How did you select the designers and what were some of your criterion?

This particular event is fashion focused where women are able to interact with the designers and get first hand tips on styling something that works for them. We have an artists who paints on bags allowing women to express their selves through art and lovely ‘burnt with intent’ scented candles filled with herbs & crystals.

We selected the designers based on a few important factors – time and location relevancy.  We wanted to introduce brands to our database that have not showcased in Singapore before and given the event is in May, we wanted to bring beautiful pieces that were perfect for a summer.

Lastly but equally importantly, we wanted to bring together brands that share our passion for social impact. The showcase at the Summer Edit comprises of hand embroidery, vegan leather bags and feel-good crystal-charged candles. 

We see you’ve brought on quite a few brand partners. How were they selected and why are they important to you.

We have been fortunate to work with a range of brands that we feel are a strong representation of our consumer base and who have built a strong positioning that is in line with The Edit & Co.  From women wine makers (Agorado Wines), to a hotel built in the 1895 (The Warehouse Hotel), to centuries old artisanal tequila (Codigo) our partners’ stories matter.  It completes the experience for our consumers.  Our media partner Singapore Tatler also shares a strong commitment to social impact.

Why have you chosen Singapore for this particular platform and do you have plans to take The Edit to other major cities.

Given both Anita and I reside in Singapore, it made sense to start here. We were able to bring everything together quite organically.  Moving forward, we are looking at varying format events in Hong Kong, Mumbai and Dubai.

There is a strong women empowerment narrative in the DNA of The Edit & Co. Can you explain that and why it’s important to you.

The Edit & Co. believes knowledge instils confidence.  We wanted to build a global platform that gives women access to influencers and information ranging on various topics from fashion to financial planning. 

There is a real buzz about the products on display. Are there any unique offerings at the event that can only be bought on that day?

Both Surily G and the House of Chikankari will be showing in Singapore for the first time.  Artist Radhi’s Styled4moi does bespoke paintings on the vegan leather bags and Anvi candles, a new Hong Kong based brand that is making waves on social media, will be launching her candles at the event.  Hence, all the offerings at The Edit & Co. will be unique.  That is our value proposition.

Kanika Kapoor – House of Chikankari

What do you think is the future of curated retail and how does technology play a role in this? Will The Edit & Co. be adopting new technologies to reach out to its community members to create digital experiences.

Cross-border commerce, borderless business, international online retail – whatever you call it, more people today are shopping online than ever before and this trend is only going to grow as online fashion becomes the norm. As our ecosystem and supporter base grows, we will strive to connect with them virtually and deliver our programs and experiences through cross-border technology. All I can say is.. watch this space!

Describe The Edit in 3 words.

Women for women.


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