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There are body shots, and there are body shots photographed by the talented Wong Sim. The Indonesian based photographer has a degree in architecture and one hell of an eye for shooting the human body in all it’s might & glory. For someone who only got behind a camera in 2010, Wong Sim is without doubt a rising star in Asia’s fashion circles.

Please drop me a line if you are keen to contact him.

In the meantime, get the popcorn out and sit back for this visual eye candy … enjoy girls (and boys!).

wongsim_16 wongsim_13 wongsim_00 wongsim_18 wongsim_07 wongsim_06 wongsim_02 wongsim_05 wongsim_08 wongsim_15 wongsim_09 wongsim_10 wongsim_04 wongsim_03 wongsim_20 wongsim_17 wongsim_14 wongsim_12 wongsim_11 wongsim_19


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