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Russian photographer Murad Osmann wanted to come up with something cool and creative and hence decided to follow his girlfriend around the world and shooting her in a stunningly unique way. His girlfriend Natalia Zakharova loves to travel the world and together the couple captured their travels to showcase their love for each other .. and photography.

In a photo series entitled “Follow Me’ uploaded to their Instagram account, Murad capture a series of photographs of his girlfriend leading him from his arm into exotic and iconic destinations – and the outcome went VIRAL. See if you can work out where each photo was shot..

follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-6 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-5 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-4 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-7 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-2 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-3 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-8 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-1 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-10 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-9 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-12 follow-me-photo-series-murad-osmann-11



  1. She doesn’t just ‘happen to be incredibly hot’ – she’s the model Natalia Zakharova, so it is, technically, a ‘model shoot’. (Let’s just hope she got paid.)

    1. Yeah….much nicer from the back. I was very interested in seeing her face, ruined the series for me, which I thought were beautiful.

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