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If you fancy yourself as a photographer, than you will share a common trait that all photographers around the world share – to capture that perfect moment. That perfectly timed photograph that will leave people asking the question “was that photoshopped?”

Well, we have looked high and low, all over the WWW, to gather the following ‘perfectly timed’ photographs for your viewing pleasure. And for the photographers amongst – us this is inspiration. Use it. Capture it. Then let us know so we can publish it.

Nuff said – enjoy!

perfectly-timed-photos-8-600x600-620x 37-copy-934x1-934x 2185-934x perfectly-timed-photos6-620x 5Y1SJsARXgo-934x 2737-934x 3449132166_fe6117a161_b-934x belly-slap-perfect-timing-934x 1647-934x IMJ4Wca-934x mbcjxdO-934x right-in-your-face-620x 1452-934x IFkEydY-934x Photos-captured-at-the-right-time-6-620x 676-934x INBzM-934x 1551-934x 1062-934x Photos-captured-at-the-right-time-10-620x perfectanimalshots11-934x-934x perfectly-timed-image18-620x 316 1202-934x 1353-934x 1946-934x 2186-934x lYtrJ9t-934x Perfect-Timed-Photos-10-934x 3-934x1-934x 2249-934x 2440-934x A0UNTtH-934x huntingbird-934x 2636-934x 3056964568_0962e9649a_o-934x Photos-captured-at-the-right-time-4-620x Photos-captured-at-the-right-time-16-620x 2833-934x fFVu9ad-934x meta-flamingo-perfect-timing-934x

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