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Photo courtesy of Getty
Photo courtesy of Getty

Drink up!!! The First Lady wants you to drink more water.

A recent CDC study “indicates that many people either choose less healthy beverages to satisfy their thirst or drink little water daily” and Michelle Obama doesn’t like it.

The very healthy first lady recently launched a ‘healthy living’ initiative where the White House is working with cities, private companies and public taps to promote the message to “drink up”.

It’s been proven that 43 percent of Americans drink fewer than four cups of water a day, and about one in four kids don’t drink water at all on a given day.

All that is about to change because Michelle Obama is on a mission to make America a healthier place.

Check out this great article by one of our favorite Huffy, Amanda L. Chan which goes into greater detail about the initiative.

Now “drink up” ya’ll.


  1. I guess I was dumb thinking we have an instinct called thirst. I didn’t know so many Americans were dying of dehydration. So glad Michelle is teaching us we have to drink. If only she had reached the people three days ago….

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