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Attention Living360, we have another ‘hottie’ joining our team as our latest Brand Ambassador!!

Please meet a dear friend of Living360 and acclaimed lifestyle journalist Radka Slovackova.

From Europe to Asia and the Americas, Radka snaps it all in a year. Working as a fashion model, she fell in love with the nomadic and high-roller life, living in and savoring the different cities across the globe. Some were exciting, others more refined, but she always went deep into their spirit and by befriending many local dwellers, she discovered the true soul of each place. Her savoire faire and passion fueled by curiosity drove her to pursuing an advanced certificate in wine, dining at the world’s best restaurants, trailing the top tea plantations and savoring the most luxurious chocolates – all that makes life more enjoyable and interesting – and she has been sharing that with the world for over five years on her website.

As a lifestyle journalist based in Monaco, the Mediterranean mecca for the rich and successful, she relentlessly travels, tastes and balances her life with a healthy dose of sport and culture as she flies almost every week into a different destination. Radka will be bringing you all some fantastic insights into her travels with tales of merriment, revelry and savoir vivre!

Welcome to the team!


    1. Are you talking about Wolfgang or Radka? LOL

      Jokes aside, we are very pleased to have Radka join us as our newest brand ambassador. She brings a certain chic and edge to our panel and we can’t wait to see what she produces. Thanks for your support D. Antonio!

    1. Oh we love Floripa too Radka.. be sure to post up some pics for us all to see 🙂 Happy XX birthday young lady! Obrigado.

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