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Ring Clock

OK, you are probably thinking to yourself – we can see the time on our phones, our laptops, on our car dashboards and everywhere else these days. The last thing we need is for our jewellery to start telling the time – right?

Wrong – Let’s step into tomorrow.

Please feast your eyes on the ultra-cool finger bling called the Ring Clock. All you need to do is glance at your finger to when you need to know just how late you are for that 9:00am meeting.

Ring Clock

Originally created as a design concept by Gusztav Szikszai two years ago, it’s a metal ring with three rows of labels on its body.  The first row shows numbers 1 to 24, the second shows 1 to 59, and the third sports little dots, which correspond to the hours, minutes and seconds, respectively.

Ring Clock

To tell the time, built-in LEDs will light up the corresponding labels as soon as the ring is spun. Talk about a conversation starter!

Ring Clock

Specification of prototype:

Ring body material 316L surgical stainless steel (allergy free)
Light source 144 energy safe ultrathin mono-color LED
Light color blue or orange LED (optional)
Lighting time displays for 1 minute after the rotation of the ring
Battery specs 6mAh, ultrathin rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Running time 1 week with normal use (15 times activation per day) or 2 hours constant use
Battery lifetime 3 years (battery is not replacable)
Charger Qi wireless power charger pad (with universal 110-240 AC DC USB charger)
Charging time max. 2 hours
Time setting by the setting buttons on the Qi charger pad
Resistance Water

Ring Clock

“The idea was to create visualisation for a product that cannot exist today, but could exist 10 years from now. I wanted to create something that is innovative, good to look at and can actually be useful. I never wore a watch on my wrist because I don’t like the feeling, but I like watches in general, so I used that opportunity to let my mind come up with something that I could wear, the Ring Clock.”      Gusztav Szikszai 

Ring Clock

Put your pledge in now for the Ring Clock by clicking here and have your piece delivered by April 2014. The crew behind this hip project are still raising funds to make this dream a reality. You have until October 11, 2013 to reserve yours ….. now step to it!

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