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Just like sands through the hour glass, so are the lives of these celebrities. We have seen them blossom and develop in front of our very eyes. Some have turned into mega-stars and others well.. not such a big deal.

Here is an interesting photo series that has tracked the ;then & now’ of some of our favorite celebrities.

Who looks better now than they did? You decide and lets us know.

 57925-original 57941-original 57931-original 57935-original 57929-original 57938-original 57942-original 57939-original 57937-original 57923-original 57934-original 57944-original 57943-original 57940-original 57936-original 57945-original 57930-original 57926-original 57928-original 57927-original 57924-original 57933-original 57932-original


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