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How many times have you gone out and came home with a stack of business cards? If you are like the most of us, you just end up tossing them on top of the dresser and probably never look at them again.

That is until you get one of these bad boys..

You see, making an impression is key in today’s noisy business world. The first step is to create a truly genius business cards that people will:

(a)    Keep

(b)   Talk about

(c)    Show their friends

(d)   Buy what you are selling

Check these out for inspiration..

These cards are genius – share them with others!


Ever met a cheese grater salesman? Well, with a card like this I’m sure you would never forget him

business-cards-1 business-cards-2


A cute little plunger complete with the plumber’s details – word!



This would only make sense if you were a Lego sales person – very cool

business-cards-4 business-cards-5


A wine sommelier’s business card could be forgiven for such a stain

business-cards-6 business-cards-7


In the yoga mat business? This is how you should roll



Your ass is grass and I’m the lawn mover man – just sayin!



A picture framer’s card puts things into perspective



OK now this one could be our favourite – say hello to your yoga instructor



Now here’s something you don’t see everyday

business-cards-13 business-cards-14


A great card when it’s Movember all year around

business-cards-15 business-cards-16


If you are going to DIY a business card.. make sure it’s cool. Like this one – muah!




What would a dentist do without a cavity?



If you are going to sell chairs.. make that clear!



Please be careful with this one.. try not to burn away the details. We think it’s HOT!

business-cards-22 business-cards-23 business-cards-24


I know the dudes out there will hang on to this bad boy! Holy Macgyver!

business-cards-25 business-cards-26


Who wants a Bart Simpson haircut?

business-cards-27 business-cards-28 business-cards-29


Snip, snip.. Very clever (and painful)



A piano teacher or a hair dresser – you choose!



They ship cargo of any size



This is something Bear Grylls would be proud of..

just in case you get stuck in the Amazon, eat this card



Instant 6 pack – cutting belly fat has never been easier



A yoga studio who is flexible in their thinking – sold!



A divorce lawyer with a sense of humour, now that’s rare!

business-cards-45 business-cards-46


Those Canadians, never know when they will need a filter!



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