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“I’m passionate about a lot of different things in life but none more so than building digital communities, writing stories for my magazines and helping others with advice, referrals & tips. You see, I believe we are surrounded by stories and no one story is the same. Brands today who understand the power of storytelling are the ones who resonate most with their customers… I help them do that.”

Amanda Dyer, Founder – Living 360

360+ is our full service digital agency specializing in community management & story-telling. We like to refer to ourselves as a global lifestyle network that reaches millions of people globally with delicious content across travel, fashion, business, lifestyle & health.

Our global audience share the same appetite we have for irresistible & relevant media. As our communities continue to grow, we have developed a unique understanding on how to use our global digital ecosystem to help our clients tell their stories and engage deeper with their customers.


What we do.

Storytelling – Structure & Concept Development
Digital Community Management
Content Capture, Photoshoots & Campaigns
VIP Events